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Michiyo and Hiroko Urakawa believe in constantly learning and researching to understand the body along with new illnesses and conditions bought about by the lives we live in this ever changing world.

Every now and again a new challenge comes along which reminds them of why Namikoshi Shiatsu is important to them and their patients, one such challenge is that of Gastro Oesophageal Reflux, which they came across in December 2003 (see testimonial below).

This is not something they had heard of previously, and a condition they were able to assist with, like with all others, simply by their understanding of how the body works and how Namikoshi Shiatsu works by treating the body as a whole (in very simplistic terms).

Since December 2003, Reflux has been highlighted on many current affairs programs and in everyday life it has become one of those conditions discussed and one which many mothers and families just have to ‘live with'.

It has now become a ‘Special Project' for the Urakawa Sisters and they have continued to research to understand how this condition may have come about and how it can be treated, effectively and most importantly quickly to bring harmony back to the family unit.

Therefore this is a testimonial we need to highlight and it is also essential to highlight the importance of using a natural therapy like Namikoshi Shiatsu, rather than drugs on babies – keep watching this space as we will update you on the progress of this special project.


31 st December 2003  

Namikoshi Shiatsu Special ProjectMichelle Norwell with Thomas

To Whom It May Concern 

My name is Michelle and I am the mother of Thomas who is now 16 months old and a very happy and content child.

This was not always the case, and it is with thanks to Michiyo and Hiroko Urakawa that I am pleased to provide this testimonial.

My labour was induced 2 weeks early as I had gestational diabetes, I had the usual gas, pethidine and then an epidural and after only 9 hours Thomas was in my arms and although he did not cry straight away everything seemed very normal to me – a first time mother.

Everything was happy, contented and new until I went home and it was in the following couple of weeks that I started experiencing problems when feeding Thomas. He appeared to be in pain with the breast milk and not enjoying feeding at all.

My local health nurse suggested propping him up more when feeding, raising 2 legs of the cot so when he was sleeping he was also propped up. None of this really helped and so I went to my local Doctor and Thomas was diagnosed as having Gastro Oesophageal Reflux, (the silent one, not the one with projectile vomiting).

I was told not to worry and that they would put him on medication called Zantac, which would neutralise the stomach acid to stop the burning which was causing the discomfort to Thomas while feeding.

I was told not to worry by both my Doctor and health nurse as Thomas was still gaining weight therefore I was told just to persevere and the Zantac would help and he would eventually grow out of it.

From this time until Thomas was 4 months old I struggled and it was extremely difficult to watch my child in pain. Feeding was frequent, sleep was interrupted, I was exhausted and it was all too hard. I managed to breast feed during this time even though the Zantac was really not very effective at all. It had been suggested that I change to formula as the consistency was thicker it had a better chance of not coming back up the oesophagus and burning.

My mother, who had been seeing the Urakawa sisters for her own problems, suggested I take Thomas to see them, by this time I was happy to try anything.

They were amazing with him, and they used Namikoshi Shiatsu (acupressure) applying gentle pressure to his abdomen region while I was holding him - this technique took about 7 minutes in total and then they suggested I give him a feed. I was very anxious about doing this, as I did not have the Zantac with me, they insisted I give him the breast without it.

Thomas fed really well without any sign of pain and frustration, his legs did not bend up in pain and he smiled for the first time in a very long time after he had finished feeding, like a contented child that he should be.

As I was about to move to New Zealand, the sisters showed me the techniques to use and I kept these techniques going over a period of about 6 weeks.

From that day when he was 4 months old, to today when he is 16 months old, there has not been any sign of the reflux.

I can only hope that this testimonial reaches other families who are dealing with this condition which not only effects the child but the whole family, it is an very exhausting emotional condition and I would not hesitate in recommending Namikoshi Shiatsu to anyone.

Thank you for listening.

Michelle Norwell
New Zealand


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