Namikoshi Shiatsu Testimonials

Namikoshi Shiatsu banished those headaches when painkillers did not work.
"I had constant headaches. My doctor prescribed tablets to combat the pain. These produced temporary relief only. I finally decided to have Namikoshi Shiatsu treatment. Afterwards I didn't have any headaches for several weeks. I recommend that other health professionals learn the art of Namikoshi Shiatsu Therapy".

Mrs. C. D.
Yarraville Vic.

Everyday tiredness became my normal life, until Namikoshi Shiatsu…
"I am a long time sufferer of asthma. I have been to a doctor many times. I have received acupuncture, but it was only after I received Namikoshi Shiatsu treatment that this problem subsided. I suffer other minor ailments from time to time but with Namikoshi Shiatsu treatment, these too, soon disappear. I appreciate that because of this treatment I am able to get on with my daily activities including housework!"

Mrs. T. W.
Williamstown Vic.

Namikoshi Shiatsu not only fixed my swollen and aching legs, but it gave me a new lease of life…
"I fell victim to a severe heart attack at the age of 40 years although on medication, at 60 years I was informed that my heart problem was serious and as a result I had a quadruple bypass. Because of the operation a vein was stripped from my thigh to the ankle of my left leg – this was needed for the repair work. The complications which arose from this over the past 5 years have been that my left leg has been swelling from the knee down, especially the ankle and foot area, to the point that the pain was so unbearable I was unable to walk, even when the swelling would go down slightly it still felt like ‘toothache'. As my daughter was studying Namikoshi Shiatsu with the Masters she introduced me to them and their wonderful art of healing. Over a period of 5 months, my leg is back to normal and it is only with heat and much physical exertion does minor swelling occur. Many other aches and pains from previous injuries and life and also been removed and I personally thank Michiyo and Hiroko Urakawa.

Mr. M. D. Lloyd
Blackburn Vic.

AFL Football players impressed by immediate benefits of Namikoshi Shiatsu…
This letter is written in thanks for, and in recognition of your skills and treatment methods for the players of the Si Kilda Football Club. All of the players seen have reported immediate beneficial effects from treatment. They have universally been impressed with your ability to not only treat the local problem areas but also to detect the underlying mechanisms causing pain, discomfort or limitation. We will have not hesitation in recommending your methods and techniques in the future.

Chris Jones
Training Services Manager – St Kilda Football Club

The labour of child birth became a labour of love after Namikoshi Shiatsu… and what a happy healthy baby I have…
I would recommend Namikoshi Shiatsu Therapy to anyone having a baby, in particular to ensure that her back is correctly aligned prior to labour. As I discovered in my first labour, which was very long and painful, back pain will interfere with the bodies' capacity to settle into labour and ‘open up' as it should during a delivery. During my second pregnancy I was advised by a midwife to ensure that my back was properly aligned before I went into labour. Over the past few years I have received very effective treatment from the Masters in the care of my back for asthma, and also for my general well being, so Namikoshi Shiatsu was the natural choice for me in the lead up to the birth of my second child. To my absolute delight my second labour could not have been more different to the first – although intense I remained in control and in a short time I gave birth to a healthy and very settled baby girl. My recovery time was also every quick.

Mrs. E Salzano

I have been given ‘hope' in living with MS thanks to Namikoshi Shiatsu…
I come for Namikoshi Shiatsu treatment fortnightly for my Multiple Sclerosis (MS). It helps to relieve the blockages which occur during MS. My Professor of Neurology has found that I have made vast improvements in my limbs especially my legs.

My thanks to the Masters.
Mrs. Sue Peters  

Amazing recovery from crippling sciatica pain, only Namikoshi Shiatsu Masters could help…
Five years ago I had a major car accident that left me with chronic back problems relating to disc bulge and severe sciatica. Over this time my problems have been consistent, physiotherapy has helped, but only so far. Avoiding prolonged seating, light exercise and medication was the key to my existence. In November last year my condition took a turn for the worst while interstate, I developed severe muscle spasms while in flight, the result left me bedridden for months and dependent on crutches for movement around the house. This is when I was told of the Urakawa sisters and took up the challenge. After 3 visits I was able to walk without crutches and I astonished my Doctor, Specialist and Physiotherapist. I am completely off painkillers and live a normal life, although I also keep my maintenance up by going to visit the masters every 3 months. Prevention is better than what I have been through.

Mrs. Maria Conte
East Malvern Vic.

Two Namikoshi Shiatsu Masters help me after the tremendous pain from operation, my life is no longer hell…
I was the recipient of a new artificial hip during a Total Hip Replacement Operation. About 3 months after the operation I started to experience considerable pain in my lower back area and down my left leg. My Specialist informed me that this was associated with the operation and was compounded by excessive pressure on my Sciatic Nerve. The pain became so severe I was unable to walk without crutches and I was having difficulty sleeping. I was put on painkillers and commenced physiotherapy. There were not successful solutions. A business colleague recommended the Masters and I limped into their clinic. After 2 visits I was able to discard one of the crutches and after my 6 th visits I was crutch and pain killer free. I have continued to attend the clinic for maintenance and would recommend these Masters to anyone.

Mr. Michael McCulloch
Narre Warren North Vic.

My husband found miracle hands for his back with Namikoshi Shiatsu…
Back 30 years or more my husband Ernst could not dress himself, he could not bend to tie his shoes, lots of times he could not stand. He has lived on painkillers and anti-inflammatory pills. Ernst was going to a chiropractor 2-3 times a week; he has also been to physiotherapists and referred to an orthopaedic surgeon. The Orthopaedic Surgeon wanted to operate to fuse the three lowest vertebrae together, he told us nothing else would help. Then 6 years ago, a miracle, we found the Urakawa sisters. With the Namikoshi Shiatsu treatment, Ernst does not need drugs anymore, he is now walking straight and only requires maintenance treatment every 4-6 weeks. After all those years of suffering, this is for us, truly a miracle.

Mrs. Shirley Palka
East Brighton Vic.


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